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With DENTGUY SaaS (Software as a Service), managing the complete appearance repair / claim process has never been simpler and faster!
Simply and accurately process appearance claims or request service 24/7.
Intuitive Appearance Damage Selection:
Customers' on average don't know the difference between a fender and a quarter panel, but they do know where their appearance damage is located. We give your customers the intuitive method of selecting the affected panel on their vehicle and their specific appearance damage via an intuitive point-n-click process. A three dimensional image of their vehicle and a palette of appearance damage photos is all a customer needs to accurately and efficiently identify their service/claim details.
Get just the tools you need to efficiently process appearance repairs / claims.
Program Administrators
Efficiently processing appearance damage service requests and claims requires more than just steno pads and sticky notes. Our proprietary technology helps administrators and service providers manage appearance damage service requests and claims with ease, from beginning to end without paper.
It's the best automated appearance damage assessment process available on the market.
Great Revenue Builder:
What makes you different, makes you strong. This SaaS (Software as a Service) will differentiate you from the fierce competitive landscape.

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